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Light the candles for the 4 cardinal directions beginning in East, and moving in a clockwise direction, return to the center of your circle. Breathe in fully and slowly. Upon each inhalation begin slowly chanting the mantra EEEEEEEEEE2222222222..... Pick up your wand and trace the secret mark which burns upon you mind into the air and begin the incantation....

Oh ye Pedants, Pseudo-Gods, Godhead's et al. Hear our call. Klaproth beckons at the gates, chasing at our heels. The all to familiar sound of Marked for Destruction emanates from under it's breath. We are but children in your playground of words. Kick not sand in our 98 pound weakling faces, for we know not what we do.

All ye who have risen in the ranks to level 2 and beyond, this calling is to you. Cast not your razor-sharp tongues at us, for we are your children. Ever learning, ever growing, ever yearning for a deeper understanding of your world. And as ye find it in yourselves to teach us and help us to grow, be it mentor, or just a helping hand, always remember that your words cut us deeper then the sharpest of blades, and the wounds inflicted upon us are forever embedded within our souls.

Would it not be possible to speak with your hearts rather then your quick-witted minds when we do something wrong? Your world is so vast that to explore it's farthest reaches would take eons. Is it for the initiate to realize that there are already too many dictionaries in your storehouse of infinite knowledge? Or knowing what a daylog is and how to use it. Remember that you too, were once like us.

We ask thou, oh Gods of most high, spare us the sword that we may be nourished by your ever-loving bosom instead.

Your humble servant, scapegoatfortheworld.

Stand in silent reverence for several moments, then beginning in the West, walk counter-clockwise around the circle, thanking the Elements for coming as you extinguish their everlasting flames. The circle is now closed.