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Products: food, drinks
Location: 672 Goodwood Road, Daw Park, South Australia
Established: 1998
Owner: Chris and Peggy Kominos
Prices: good
Seating: (approx.) 25 indoors, 6 outdoors
Smoking: outdoors
Open: 7am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Contact: +61 8 8374 2994

A pleasant breeze blows from the air conditioner all throughout the year, ruffling your hair as you step through the door off the asphalt and onto the squeaky tiles. The unique atmosphere of Stacks Of Snacks is immediately apparent when one walks in the door. The family behind the counter could be your family. The cafe is small, not in size so much as feeling. It feels small, not small and stifling, small and embracing, welcoming. The customers are largely comprised of local businesspeople with regular schedules, each known by name by the Kominos. As such, there is little to no point in profiteering, and prices are entirely reasonable. Year after year, or year after many years absent, you can always get a free heartfelt smile with your order from Stacks Of Snacks.

Stacks Of Snacks became a personal favourite of mine back in the days of cappuccinos and yiros there with my father six years ago while working with a nearby contractor. With newspapers, magazines, chips, sandwiches, drinks, roasts, burgers, wraps, schnitzels, custard slices and more available, Stacks Of Snacks is a fantastic spot to drop in and grab some breakfast or lunch on your own, with a friend, or with a group. Don't just grab it and run though, how could you not stay to eat? I'd theoretically take my SO to Stacks Of Snacks just to show her off to the staff.

This has been another Adelaide's Best Places To Eat You Probably Didn't Know About document proudly brought to you by Scout.