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Voiced by Harry Shearer, Kent Brockman is the news anchorman for Springfield's Channel 6 in The Simpsons universe. He first broke into the business years ago under his given name, Kenny Brockelstein, but at some point in his career changed his name to the more "professional" sounding "Brockman". He's been known to panic easily on-air and once proclaimed alien ants as his new overlords, volunteering to lure others into the underground sugar caves; he also invents his own words (such as "avosion"). He's quite jealous of his sister, a CNN correspondant, and produces sappy human interest stories that are easy on fact and heavy on tears (this method inspired Bart Simpson's Kidz Newz segment "Bart's People"). His other segments include Smartline, Eye on Springfield, and My Two Cents. He even filled in for Krusty the Klown one time, although his jokes were out of date. We know little about his family, although he is married to Stephanie the weather girl and has a daughter and a son, although not necessarily from this relationship (but we assume so).

Over the years Kent has amassed great wealth. He's won the lottery and benefitted financially from the time Homer Simpson led a crusade to divide Springfield into two seperate towns. His wealth has brought him into high society and he's often seen at the local country club where he enjoys tennis and golf with the other socialites. Trafficwatcher Arnie Pie is quite jealous of Kent's many successes and mansions, but despite it all Kent continues laboring away at what he loves: delivering the news (unless he doesn't get his pre-broadcast danish. The man loves pastry).