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Daughter of Tarin, Marin is Link's admirer in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (and the DX version as well). She and her father live in Mabe Village on Koholint Island where she passes the time by singing her favorite song, "The Ballad of the Wind Fish". Her dream is to someday leave the island and see all there is to see in the world. When Link washed ashore on the island she carried him home and nursed him back to health. This was the beginning of her infatuation with the legendary hero. She bears a passing similarity to Princess Zelda. In fact, they look so similar that Link initially mistook her for the princess.

Marin crosses Link's path several times on his adventure. After Link finds the ocarina she teaches him how to play "The Ballad of the Wind Fish". Later in the game Link must bring her to see the walrus near the Animal Village, and (after sharing a romantic interlude at the shoreline) she tags along with Link as they journey across the island together. It is during this part of the game that Marin shines. If Link digs into the ground with the shovel, Marin becomes excited and says "Dig it! Dig it! Dig to the center of the Earth!". If Link falls down a well, she jumps in after him and lands right on top of him. The camera mouse can take up to three pictures that include Marin: one in the well, one by the rooster statue, and a third at the edge of the southwestern cliff. After being led to the walrus, Marin decides to stay in the Animal Village and sing for her animal friends. Later in the game Link finds her stranded atop the Tal Tal Mountains. Apparently she had gone to the Wind Fish's egg to try and wake him, but instead monsters captured her and took her away. Luckily Link saved her, but Tarin came to take her home before she could declare her love to Link. She returns to Mabe Village to sing her songs again.

While Koholint ceases to exist at the end of the game, Marin lives on. If Link completes the game without losing a single life, she appears at the end of the credits sporting the wings of the seagulls she loved so much.