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The DVD of the film released in 2002 features a commentary from Clark Griswold himself, Chevy Chase. What are some of the chunks of knowledge that he dispenses? Listen to his audio track and hear memorable comments such as...

  • "I still have that shirt."
  • "The food at that place was really good."
  • "I hurt my back doing that stunt."
  • "I still have that jacket."
  • "The kids changed in every movie. We didn't care."
  • "I didn't understand this scene back then, but I get it now."
  • "That's really the mountain where they filmed The Sound of Music."
  • "That was my camcorder at the time. Wow, that was huge!"
  • "I still have those pants... I think I stole all the clothes from this movie."
And many more! Chevy's a talented comedian, but a commentator he is not, unfortunately.