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A public access booth in the Futurama universe that, for a price of twenty-five cents, will kill you. Suicide booths first appeared in 2008 and contiuned to be America's most popular form of suicide into the 31st century. The "Stop 'n Drop" brand of booth is the most popular brand of suicide booth. Each booth is constructed of steel girders bent into position by bending robots, provides cost effective suicide, and is self-cleaning.

Upon inserting a quarter the booth asks the customer to choose a mode of death: quick and painless or slow and excruciating. The quick and painless mode causes the customer to be zapped out of existance, while the slow and excruciating mode activates a series of whirling blades and stabbing knives that will slice, chop, and flay the customer. Upon completion of a cycle the booth clears away remains and the door opens for the next customer.

There is a moderate turnover rate among bending robots who construct these booths. Some robots become depressed when they realize what their bent girders are being used to construct, causing them to seek bending jobs elsewhere.