Workplace of death

All these horribly tragic deaths collected and typed by me from the book "Strange Deaths" by Ian Simmons and a bunch of newspaper clippings I have from everywhere.

Chef Juan Ruiz was stabbed through the heart by flying spaghetti when 150 mph winds swept through his restaurant in Mexico City.

Rookie Police Officer Joshua Haffner came home from work and put his equipment belt on the table to go greet his wife. While they had their backs turned his 3 year old son came into the rom, took out his gun, and shot him in the back.

Three U.S. Navy airmen died in a 1995 mooning incident. The two pilots and a navigator were paired with another warplane, so decided to strip down and press their buttocks against the cockpit. When they stripped, they all forgot to put their oxygen masks back on, and passed out from the thin air. The plane soon flew into the ground, killing all three crewmen.

An Air Force transport crashed and burned when the pilot let his wife have the controls during a "spousal orientation" designed to help a spouse understand their significant other's job.

Secret lovers Frauke Punz, 22, and Ulf Lech, 31, worked together at a steelworks in Essen, Germany. When the plant closed for summer vacation, they sneaked into an elevator to have sex. While they enjoyed themselves, the electricity to the building was shut off. The elevator was stopped between floors, and all the lights were shut off. Unable to get attention by hammering on the elevator walls, Ulf failed in his attempt to climb the cables as they were coated in grease. Apparently the shaft had no ladders. The couple died in agony from dehydration. A note was found that read: "We are at the end of our strength, but our love for each other is eternal. But why ...". Their "mummified" bodies were found 4 weeks later by security gaurd when the factory reopened.

Twenty six year old Frank Nelson died instantly on September 22nd 1997 when he fell into a vat mixing polymers at a Nalley Valley plastics factory near Tacoma, Washington. He had ben pouring in coloring when he fell in and was sliced by the revolving blades.

A 21 year old Israeli soldier on leave named Moshe Doron was killed by dough-mixer at Jerusalems Mystic Pizza. He had reached in to pull some dough from the bottom when he was sucked in and kneaded to death.

Armando Merola, 51, died after falling into an 8 foot tall mincing machine as he cleaned it. A coworker at the Beni Foods Factory in Tongwell, near Milton Keynes said "Hid body jammed the paddles, He was still alive." Then another worker turned off the machine, but it started again and crushed Merola.

An employee of the Bennett Food Factory in the Bronx, New York, died instantly when he fell head first into an industrial dough mixer while making macaroni. The mixing blades impaled him.

Salesmen Rico Vogt choked to death in Pisa, Italy when his tie caught in the blades of a food mixer he was demonstrating to a crowd at a shopping center.

A window dresser collapsed and died on a bed at work. Johannesburg shoppers thought he was a mannequin and he lay there for three days until a passerby complained that the display was "in bad taste."

Longtime sake brewer Masakichi Kindaichi, 58, was pouring rice into a 6ft metal tank in Fukushinma when he lost his balance and fell in. By the time other workers noticed he was missing the fumes had suffocated him.

Three 18 year olds doing service in Charkov, Ukraine were sent to clean an underground food storage tank 12 feet underground. All three were overcome by the fumes of pickled cabbage. As well was the 48 year old man sent to rescue them.

In Ireland a Co Armagh man got into trouble while cleaning a slurry tank on a farm near Markethill. A friend also died trying to save him.

In Shchebekino, Russia, an accidental release of raw sewage drowned three sanitation workers doing maintenace at a sewage plant.

Accountant Arthur Roberts went berzerk when he accidently erased his firm's sale figures on his computer. He threw the machine out the window, and killed pedestrian Peter Mullins. A Brisbane, Australia court charged him with manslaughter.

The Chief Accountant from failed brokerage Yamaichi Securities Company worked for 14 days from a week before Japans economic crash and did not leave the office during that period. After he finally went home on November 27th 1997 he died in his sleep... from fatigue.

Hashiem Zayed, a 59 year old short order cook and Helen Menicou, 47, worked together at the Pine Crest Diner in San Francisco for 22 years. On July 23rd, 1997, she publicly scolded him for making a customer poached eggs when they weren't on the menu. He decided this was the last straw, he came to work and shot her the next day.

A fight between collectors of guano, a valuable material for fertilizer, left five dead and two seriously injured after a home made grenade was thrown into a cave in Pak Chong district of Thailand on April 2nd 1998. One of the survivors said they had been leaving the cave with seven sacks of bat dung when the explosion occured, a rival group of dung collectors is suspected.

A blacksmith in a Russian village was blown to death when the artillery shell he had used as an anvil for over 10 years exploded. He had been told it was just a training dummy.

Greenkeeper Ronnie Mitchell was killed at Bradley Hall gold club near Elland by a giant lawnmower. His jacket caught around an axle and he was dragged to death, trapped between a wheel and one of the huge cutting arms.

Morris Honey, a 55 year old groundsman at Oxford University was run over and killed by a two ton roller. He was digging a weed out of the cricket field when the roller crushed him. He had left it running as it would have cause an indentation in the grass if stopped.

Roadworker Jose Alvarez was fired after he ordered his crew to pain over a dead man. He later explained: "I thought he just drunk and passed out, we didn't mean any harm."

Window cleaner Thomas Scott fell 10 feet to his death when a colleague frustrated as Scott's alcoholism kicked the ladder Thomas was working on. The colleague of 17 years had been arguing with Thomas over his behavious at a christening the day before. Scott died two days later from a fractured skull.

While trying to shoot a cow, farmer Roger Voyle failed to kill the animal but instead killed on of his farmhands. After agreeing to help kill a neighbors cow, he borrowed a rifle from a professional slaughterman and tried to do it himself. The gun was meant to be fired with the gun touching the cow's head. Coyle missed his first shot, reloaded, and missed again, shooting farmhand Michael Spencer through the heart.

A carwash worker was scrubbed to death in Melbourne, Australia. Eccentric Reggie Peabody liked to ride the brushes when business was slow, but something went wrong this time and his body was found still hanging on to a giant brush.

A peasent in Yunnan, south-west China, was sentenced to death after being found guilty of killing five people by rolling rocks into roads in the hope that they would damage passing cars which he could later fix for money.

Astronomer Marc Aaronson, 37, was known for his work regarding the age and size of the universe. He was crushed to death by the revolving dome of the 150 ton Kitt Peak Observatory while trying to pass through a door.

Italian security firm owner Vittorio Cavaletti was assasinated by his latest armoured car design when the heavy door closed on his head. He had kicked it because it was jammed open then went back in to adjust it. "He was dead before we could release him." Mantova firemen said.

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