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"Slip forth in to any disguise... I'll still know you - look in to my private eyes."
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You know, I'd like to thank the five people who voted on my Harvard Man write up from last February. I'm glad it was well recieved, but I think we can do better. Come on, folks. Check out my Harvard Man write up. Or check out the movie and then my Harvard Man write up. I personally think it's one of my best.
Thank you.

My Five Highest-Rated Write Ups:
1. Too many songs about Superman. Not enough songs about Batman.
2. The skill set for creating fake celebrity porn
3. The C3PO / R2D2 anti-smoking campaign
4. Hall and Oates
5. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

If it's any indication, I personally recommend, in addition to the Harvard Man write up, the following:
Bruce Wayne
Sherlock Holmes and the Vengeance of Dracula
The difference between growing a beard and not shaving
How to write an Episode of the Twilight Zone
Space Mountain

On a side note, I hate to whine, but I'm a little dissatisfied with my write up for crossing the streams being judged so cruely. I know it's crude terminology and I do not pretend to find it funny, but as far as being informative goes, I think I did the site justice in regards to it, and I've seen plenty examples of fiction on the site that have far surpassed my write up in crudeness or frankness. I also thought I was at least bringing something new to the nodeshell since the dialogue from "Ghostbusters" is word-for-word noded here twice. I know amib in particular thought I was a shit head for all this, but I hope there are no sour grapes.

And also, even if you do not enjoy or bother to check out my Tom Schiller write up, I recommend trying to look in to his work. I think he sounds like a lovely man.