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mission drive within everything
Would you believe me if I told you?
Your mom
The author of every book is a fictitious character whom the existent author invents to make him the author of his fictions.
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Humans always speak that way--with clouded eyes and tainted lips.

-kyuuketsuki Miyu

Here's a semi-organized list of bookmarks (not to be confused with my actual "bookmarks," which are really just bookmarks):

I reserve the right to club you and eat your bones
Relative Insanity
smothered in kisses
made up of wires
A trip to a minimalist restaurant
Chess, anyone?
this ocean is angry but I might live through it
On the Nature of the Internet and Online Relationships

Poetry and Prose:
Sometimes I Want Blood
the light hurts, why won't it touch us gently?
Black Rain
A Diamond is Forever
the stars stood still and naked
Death Fugue
A Dead Child Speaks
How Beautiful the Queen of Night
I will ask them all their dreams
my body falling into stars
The Holocaust Poetry Project
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and other verses from The Red Book

Queen of the night
Blue People
How to Shrink a Head
Brain hemisphere influence on aesthetic preference

The Techie Gospel
Space Debris Affecting Prayer Transmission
Pretty Combat Communist Rika-chan
Life in Our Anti-Christian America
I think a lot about the rabbits
tonight I met my daughter again
How to create modern art
Eating Babies for Fun and Profit
Christian fundamentalists will end the world through fear and suffering

And these sound pretty, although there's nothing there:

Give me one night to show the savage
Buy me or I'll die
It would be very nice if you died here, too
O, that way madness lies.
Come out and play me