"Well, I hope you feel better soon, I'll send you all my best wishes for a speedy recovery."
"Thanks! Goodnight, David."

David closed the messaging program and shut down his computer before brushing his teeth and climbing in to bed. He was extremely tired and had work tomorrow, but it was good to chat to Sarah for a while tonight.  He pulled the blanket up closer under his chin and closed his eyes.



Sandman #117 stopped by David's bed.  He was late, having been caught up by traffic.  He caught the tail end of David's thoughts as David glanced at the clock again. "Shit, can't believe I can't get to sleep when I'm so tired. Gonna be wrecked during that big meeting tomorrow." The frustration was pouring off in waves.

The sandman muttered, "sorry," under his breath as he reached into his sack for the prescribed amount of sand and scattered it over David's head. The sand fell on something sitting on the pillow next to David's head and made it shimmer pink & green. A delivery then.  Sandman #117 picked it up and put it into his postal sack.  It was getting quite full, he'd need to drop it at the office for sorting soon.


Sarah woke up with the sun streaming in her window.  Ugh. She still felt like crap.  She rolled over and put her back to the sun, blocking the light further with an arm over her eyes.  As she drifted off back to sleep, she realised that she did feel slightly better now after all.


Brevity Quest 2017: 261