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I try to live life without regrets.

I've made mistakes, but I don't regret them - they've helped me to grow.
I've lost loves, but I don't regret loving them - now I'm more cautious, but when I love, I love stronger.
I've hurt others, but don't regret that because it's allowed our relationships to blossom and change.
In all things in my life, I try not to regret what I do, because what I do is what makes me who I am.

But I do have one regret.

I regret not having met sensei.
I regret not having had my life enriched by his experiences.
I regret that I never had a chance to share in his wonderful chatterbox chatter, or his advice to newbies.

But along with regret, I have hope.

I hope to meet sensei some day.
To share in his wisdom,
To be blessed by his presence.

Can you miss someone without having met them?
I don't know - but if you can, then I miss sensei.

Get well soon.