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People who are seven shades of awesome! (And have helped me a lot!)
avalyn --- wertperch --- Wiccanpiper --- ideath --- Ouroboros ---golFUR --- skybluefusion --- Lometa

You people are too awesome for me.
Keep it up.

Nodes of the Moment!
Aspects of American race relations that may be new to you by GentlemanJim

The trick is to come to E2 without preconceived notions, without pretentiousness,
without anything but a willingness to learn, to write, to help, and to enjoy.
To understand that instant feedback is a component and a strength of the site.
To realize that what's a great LJ entry may not be a good E2 writeup.
There are excellent, even great, writers on the site willing to help anyone go as far as they can with words.

/me misses ideath

Now *cracks whip* NODE! - wertperch

The Sontra sees all. Noted. - wordnerd

Mmm. masturbation. - ScientistPhilosopher

Can we talk about boobies now? - panamaus

did the sexual harassment discussion die? - Uri E Bakay

Yes, I am a girl, with girls breasts and a girl's bottom. - Vimes

sontra's name always makes me think of a sonata. - BlackPawn

I know I'm real because I respond "yes" to the universe. - borgette

I am curious as to why you're researching internet porn. - wertperch

You've become Hemingway in your abuse of short sentences. - wordnerd

Interesting, exploring what goes down well or not here isn't it? - TenMinJoe

I'm all about empowering those who *should* be changing the world - ideath

Thanks for that, Sontra, I'm more creeped out than I've ever been before. - Bitriot

I'd like to point out, whoever edits this site has terrible spelling. - Mustard n Custard

The site broke because you touch yourself at night. It was fixed via voodoo magic. - Palpz

Wow. I never thought i would scare anyone with a nodeshell rescue. - GangstaFeelsGood

Sontra... I will take one ticket please to whatever you have to say please keep talking. - Muse

Fire breath laced with peanut + beer? Wow... talk about a nasty biological weapon. - EXTomar

Personally, I'm on pins and needles wondering if random internet people will like my shitty writing. - Raspy

Oh, dude. If you're all about the whys and becauses, you're totally on your way to becoming a mathematician. - Swap

they should just give everyone an "are you a decent human being test" at around age 25 and shoot the rest - themanwho

You people all suck. Or, more accurately, I suck for not talking to you as much as I should. I'm sure you can see how this works out. - Fruan

I'll pass on to you what she quite wisely told me: the editors would prefer you to node less frequently well, than frequently node crap. - NotFabio

You'll only make an enemy if your comments take the following form: "Dear Fucko, You have a typo in paragraph 3 of your shitty writeup Shitty McShit. Love, MightyMooquack."

Don't sweat negative votes if you can't see what's wrong with the writeup. Sometimes you just have to accept that the way other people vote isn't always going to make sense to you. - Knifegirl

Put on the DVD of Bad Santa. Turn the sound down. Put Beck's "Lost Cause" on the CD player and hit "repeat". Sit there for 103 minutes with a 9 mm on the table. See if you can make it. - dannye

golFUR: I promise to take off all my clothes at your funeral c_p, not before.
chaotic_poet: That's sweet, golFUR. I'll try and die with my eyes open, just for you.
Sontra: Woah. golFUR's gunna be buried alive in c_p's coffin while naked...
golFUR: Statement - SontraConclusion

Sontra: I wish I could link in life, like I do in E2. See: QED
Akchizar: Sontra++

ToasterLeavings: is soiling yourself cool again? hard to keep up these days.
Fruan: Soiling yourself will NEVER go out of style. Just like disco.
eien_meru: Disco's dead and so are you.
eien_meru: I invoke knifegirl's Law and say "I fuck your fucking sunshine, fucker."
ToasterLeavings: man. don't harsh on my shit disco vibe.
Fruan: Eien, do you need to have your 10000 mile sense of humour check up?
Fraun: You see, I was drawing an ironic juxtoposition between shitting your pants, and disco. Its funny because disco is shit.
ToasterLeavings: oh man. you've offended two admins. lucky this is the love boat and not das boot.
Master Villain: thanks for that juxtaposition of disco and shit. Now I have a vision of Saturday Night Fever only there's giant mounds of manure in every scene.
Fruan: I'm sure there's a joke about Travolta's acting in there somewhere, but I'm all tapped out.

jessicapierce: re: your E2 Nuke Request Though too lazy (sleepy) to deal with this nuke request, I will give you my two cents: I would not say you are being a smartass...
jessicapierce: But I WOULD say that you have got to learn how to spell "supersede." I say this from the smug position of someone who has only just learned how to spell it herself.
A day passes
jessicapierce: re: your E2 Nuke Request No idea what's taking anyone so long to get to this nuke request. If I get time today, I'll zap some.
Another day passes
jessicapierce: re: your E2 Nuke Request ok I was such a frigging liar. but am going to deal with some of these now. so please not to alter the wu, as I will be altering it.
Two minutes pass
jessicapierce: re: your E2 Nuke Request HA, fuck, that was a lie too. gotta go

Sir Norris: Hey I'm in the cream of the cool, and I've gone up a level, all in one day. I'm just a fucking uber-noder at the moment
Sontra tosses Sir Norris a shotgun. "It's time to kill some zombies, now."
Sir Norris tries to look cool flinging his newly-aquired shotgun around and accidentally shoots of his left foot.
Sir Norris presses a button on his wristwatch and promptly disappears, leaving a faint glow on the floor where he used to be.
smartalix: The man can't aim a gun and he can teleport. Is that whack or what?

LeoDV: Now I owe my dad lunch...
Razhumikin: Can I be your dad?
Sontra: Can I be your lunch?
LeoDV: Sontra: You are scary and titillating at the same time. May I subscribe to your newsletter?

wordnerd: I'm emotionally drained. I just saw the new Star Wars. Please excuse me.
Maylith: worth it, wordnerd, then?
wordnerd: After having Lucas treat me like an abusive boyfriend, this was the dinner and a movie that makes me think he loves me.
NotFabio: he doesn't love you. In fact, he thinks he just bought his way to an evening of faked intimacy. Only he thinks it's real.

Sontra: Shit like this scare the living FUCK out of me.
avalyn: Heh, if you think that's scary, check this out!
Sontra: WOAH!
Sontra: CHRIST!
Glowing Fish: EEEEEKKKK
Glowing Fish: Seriously, I am pretty hardened...but that...
Lady: Why oh why did I click on those links?
Zerotime signs out a radio and goes for a walk amongst several hundred hardened criminals.
Fruan: E2's sexual undercurrent, and, well, overcurrent, just never stops.

Sontra: Swap... Can I be your son?
Swap: "But daa-aad! I wanna go play outside!" "Not until you've found the exterior derivative of this differential form!"
eien_meru glares at Sontra. "Get in fucking line."

Sontra: I have this reaccuring day-mare that Toaster is going to come into my house and stab everything I own seven or eight times.
Fruan: Yes, but he'd do it with an avocado, so you needn't fear too much.
ToasterLeavings: aww no - fuck that. Really all I'm after is uncapping skulls and rubbing avodados on people's naked cortexes.
ToasterLeavings after I find a dictionary or spellchecker.

eien_meru: /Synthetic a priori/, even.
Sontra: I attempted to understand that and failed to.
izubachi: Hahaha that's the best euphemism for 'what?' I've heard in months.

Sontra: C!s are like sexual favours. Give and thou shalt recieve...
StrawberryFrog: Sontra, this is very true for some of us.

QuietLight: I know its a terribly AOL thing to say, but its the most efficient way to ask the question- a/s/l?
Sontra: 17/m/beautiful british columbia
QuietLight: ooh I misread that... I though it was 17/ beautifully F/ british...
Sontra: hah. If you so wish it.
Quietlight: Hey honey... you single?

HiroshiSaito: you know, you cant get bagels where I am...
Sontra: Hiro - Do you happen to be on the Mars Probe?
HiroshiSaito: touche

Dinde sips his coffee
Sontra: noble gas
Sontra: you know... If coffee was a gas.
Dinde claps for Sontra...

Sontra: But. In reality. To get on the honor roll. Read Honor Roll
Sontra: I'm tired. I mean Honor Roll
Sontra: Ok. Now I'm just stupid.
Johnny Boy points and laughs
Sontra: This
Taharial: And I thought I was the only person who did stupid stuff like that...
Johnny Boy: all in good humour, of course.
RoyHoo33: Sontra ++ for the great laugh

Sontra: loq, you fill me with happy feelings inside my head. And tongue
loquacious: Woah now. Do I look like I explode with wild passionfruit flavor?
Sontra: YES!
loquacious destroys Sontra... WITH WILL!
panamaus backs off on the gas flow, observing it to have had the desired effect

A Domestic Dilemma - Every time you kill a kitten, God masturbates. - Improv Camp - The Five Elements - I would have cooled this if you hadn't written it - I'm English. I'm Evil. Grrr - Ringworld's Children - The Catbox Defense League

The drive to Starbuck's was relatively
uneventful. This surprised me, but when
I thought about it logically, I realized
that Barry probably just wanted us to be
able to enjoy our coffee without fifteen
cops shoving Glocks in our faces and
telling us to get the fuck on the ground.
My car es El Coche Magnifico, or: The Oregon Trail Rally eats my dust

Thus, Nestlé has made it very difficult
for children in Sri Lanka to get a
decent amount of calcium, by the long
term exploitation of their monopoly.
It's a good thing that McDonalds has a
partnership with these guys, seeing as
how they do so much for the global
community. With their powers combined,
they're like motherfucking captain planet.
67 reasons why Butterfinger McFlurries suck

...you get the picture. Reality is
inadequate. Those little pixellated
bastards do stuff damn it!! World shakin'
damn stuff!! The protagonist is the
freakin' kid of a god!!? What'd I get
from genetics to compare to that apart
from mundane physical and mental
characteristics? Lucky little bastards.
Baldur's Gate II: Thanks heaps for enhancing my aura of inadequacy!

I was fighting a 'joystick watcher'.These
weird creatures of agility, timing, and
superhuman counter-attack abilities were
initially funded as test tube babies
designed by shadow military groups to be
the next era of unstoppable soldier.
They saw through time, walked on air,
complete over the top shit like that.
Uh, are you looking at my joystick to impress her, or are you just an asshole?

The earth shattering orgasm that
I was given a few days ago that
finally made me weep because I
could not release anymore of
the pleasure in any other way.
-Lady Midnight,
Beautiful things that have made you cry

Thank you for making the world more intimate,
for being vulnerable, for laying your personal
truths out for all to see. Thank you for
making your very own mark on history, however
faint. Thank you for causing my heart to beat
faster, my eyes to tear. Thank you for making
me angry, making me sad, making me shake my
head in disbelief. Thank you for the brotherhood
and companionship. Thank you for being YOU.
-witchiepoo ,
Daylogs are brilliant and marvelous, and overall, completely priceless

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