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"Life is a struggle against entropy" is something I came up with during my very drunk philosophical discussions/ramblings.

The quicksand analogy doesn't do this justice.

(I'm nowhere near drunk enough for this log, but I won't have much time for E2 for a little while, and this is something I find interesting and like to share(so feel free to msg me with your ideas on this topic))

Chaos theory, the way I understand it, states that at the moment of big bang, our universe was at it's most organised, and it's all downhill from there (getting more and more chaotic). Life is complex, hence logically, this should make everything around us more chaotic to make up for this.

Chaos/entropy increases with time, and the the way I see it, life, almost by definition is a fight against entropy and chaos. The harder we fight, the better organised we are, the quicker chaos will surround us, and eventually it will consume us all.

I haven't got time to go into the philosophical side of this, but I'm assuming it's pretty obvious.


I'm moving tomorrow, truck is coming at 8am, and I'll be a Tasmanian resident a day after. I have packed everything and have been so efficient that I had time for this log before bed. It was a bit of a mission to pack everything (usually I can take a few car trips to transfer most of the bulky/awkward items, this time, I have my car and a LOT of boxes.


I went (with mum) to visit her new friends today, mother and daughter. The girl is 15? and I somehow ended up chatting with her for about an hour, she was very open and quite switched on, as soon as she started talking, (just in a social situation), I was a bit jealous, she just said what she meant and could make conversation out of boring everyday stuff. I, on the other hand, sat there with 3 other people for good half an hour, before I started talking; it's just how I work, I judge situation, get used to people and then slowly relax, probably not unlike a lot of people these days.

She moved to Australia when she was 8, and seems to be having similar issues to what I faced when I moved. She did most of the talking, and when she asked for advice, I told her about my experiences.

I now keep thinking of different experiences I should have told her about, which would point her in a better direction. Those ones don't paint me in the best light, so they're not what first comes to mind when I talk to people ;/

I'll probably never see her again, so it feels like a bit of a waste, getting to know her, having a chance to help, but not doing a very good job of it.

She doesn't have many friends, so maybe just talking helped.

/me shrugs

I guess as a near-future dad, I should get used to these kind of failings and learn from them.

See you all in a little while.