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I was reading His mother is slowly killing him. and it reminded me of my trip to London.

I was there for a few days visiting my sister, but spent a day by myself just wandering the streets, as I like to do. I was near a major train station, with a thousand bikes, mopeds and motorbikes parked near the entrance, it reminded me a little of the Moscow international train station that I lived near (Kievskiy Vokzal), too many people, too much noise and not enough greenery or fresh air.

Walking towards me was a mother with too many bags and children, she had a big pile of baggage stacked onto her stroller, three kids, and another one or two walking next to her. I can't recall how the kids fit in/on that stroller, except for the top one, she was sitting on top of all the baggage, about 3-4 feet above the ground. The lady seemed to be in a bit of a rush and a little frazzled, which, considering her situation wasn't surprising. She couldn't see over the stroller, and managed to run it straight into one of those useless 3 foot poles that European countries like to put in the most inconvenient places. The top bag toppled over, taking the 3-4yr old with it. The kid didn't get a chance to prepare, and as she was flying head first into the ground, I, without thinking (thankfully!) tried to catch her the best I could. It happened to be with my left hand, by her ankle.

Someone yelped, or made some sort of a commotion as this happened, so the next thing I know, there's a police officer or a security guard running up, and there I was, 6'4", slightly overweight bloke with a shaved head, massive scar on my head, wearing my bright red t-shirt that reads "Russia, all together" and holding an upside down toddler by her ankle at shoulder height.

I grabbed the kid by the arm and flipped her over, like I've done to my little brother a thousand times (yes, me carrying my little brother by his ankles wasn't uncommon), plonked her back onto solid ground, gave the mother a quick nod, looked at the cop to make sure he didn't think I had anything to do with this and kept walking without missing a beat.

It was glorious.

now go and read Nice names for stupid people

PS. Happy victory day!