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What has it gots in it's mugeses?!

drink ingredients:

- 10 ounces of extra rich milk
- vanilla Carnation instant breakfast
(any right-minded hobbit appreciates sneaking in an extra meal!)
- Nestle's choclate Quik (now called NesQuik)
- 'bout 3 ounces or more of 'Cask and Creame' brandy liqueur by E&J
- peppermint schnapps (optional)

Make hot chocolate by mixing those first 3 fixings togeter in a big ass beer mug and nuking it on high for as long as you can before it boils over.
Add the booze to taste. I go heavy on the brandy with a wee nip of the schnapps just for that nice minty scent.

Don't share with anyone! Is my preciousss... my birthday present...