Bring me The Head of The Server Un-Plugger!
But death is too good for that mother-fucker!
Salt all his fields so that nothing else grows!
Slay all his children so his Name no-one knows!
Chase him from his home, burn it to the ground!
Through the woods hunt him down with baying hounds!
Mark his face, “Villain,” tattooed in woad!
Let the crowds jeer as he’s dragged down the road!
Hang him from a tree for a while by his throat!
Then cut him down, stick his head in the moat!
Dislocate all his joints, stretched out on a rack!
Place coals ‘neath his feet til’ they are burned black!
From pelvis to breast, split his trunk with a hook!
His entrails draw out over fire to cook!
To wild horses tie each limb with a tether!
Whip the beasts forward and tear him asunder!
On a spire, mount his head at The Church of St. Mary!
Into unhallowed ground, the rest of his corpse bury!
Wait ten years ‘til his bones are brittle as crust!
Then dig him up and crush them all into dust!
And tell all the people ‘til your days are through,
Of the fate that befalls He-Who-Fucks-With-E2!