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In their previous two albums, the band Seven Nations found their identity. With Big Dog (1996), they found their groove. The signature album of the Neil Anderson era of 7N (and the only one still published and sold by the band), Big Dog clicks on all cylinders. The synergy between Anderson and Kirk McLeod is evident, even for a studio album.

This is Nick Watson's last Seven Nations album; he would be replaced by Ashton Geoghagan, thus increasing the number of times fans would say, "How do you spell that, again?" by a factor of ten.

The album is also notable for two concert mainstays: their cover of The Church's Under the Milky Way and the get-up-and-stomp anthem Our Day Will Come.

Track list:

  1. Under the Milky Way
  2. Crooked Jack
  3. The Mountains of Pomeroy/Garrett Barry's/Snug in a Blanket/Iain's Jig/Clumsy Lover/Itchy Fingers
  4. Finish Line
  5. Our Day Will Come
  6. Johnny Cope/Fermoy Lasses/Jerusalem Rap
  7. Blackleg Miner/Mairi Anne MacInnes
  8. The Selling of Waternish
  9. Big Dog/Trip to Pakistan
  10. Finish Line (reprise)