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"Tommeliten" is a Norwegian fairy tale from Asbjørnsen and Moe's Norwegian Folk Tales. The original, Norwegian text was found at Project Runeberg and has been translated to English by me.


Once upon a time, there was a wife who had a single son, and he wasn't taller than a thumb; therefore they called him Tom Thumb.

When he had reached a certain age, his mother told him that he should go out to seek a bride; she thought it was time he got married. Tom was so happy. They packed their stuff and left, and the mother put him in her lap. They were travelling to a king's house, where a large princess lived; but when they had come some way, Tommeliten disappeared. She looked for him a long while, called for him and cried because he was gone and she couldn't find him. "Peep, peep!" said Tom, he had hidden in the horse's mane. He came out and had to promise not to do it again.

When they had driven another while, Tom disappeared again. The mother searched for him and called and cried, but he was gone. "Peep, peep!" said Tom, and she heard him laugh and giggle, but she just couldn't find him. "Peep, peep, I'm here!" said Tom and appeared from the horse's ear. Then he had to promise not to do it again.

But when they had driven a while, he was gone again; he couldn't help it. His mother searched and cried and called for him; but he was gone and stayed gone, and no matter how much she searched, she couldn't find him. "Peep, peep, I'm here!" said Tom. But she couldn't understand where he was, because it was so muffled. She searched, and he said "Peep, here I am!" and laughed and enjoyed himself, because she couldn't find him; but suddenly the horse sneezed, and out came Tom, because he was sitting in one of its nostrils. His mom now put him in a bag, she didn't know what else to do, because now she saw that he wouldn't change.

When they came to the king's house, there was quickly an engagement, because the princess thought he was a beautiful small boy, and before long there was wedding as well.

When they started the wedding dinner, Tom Thumb sat at the table next to the princess; but he had some trouble, because when he wanted to eat, he couldn't reach up to the table, and he wouldn't have been able to eat if the princess hadn't helped him up on the table. That was good, as long as he could eat from the plate; but then a large porridge trough was brought in, and he couldn't reach up; but Tom knew what to do, he sat on the edge of the trough. But there was an eye of butter in the middle of the trough; he couldn't reach it, and had to crawl out to the edge of it; but suddenly the princess came with a large spoon to have a taste, and she accidently touched Tom, and he fell in and drowned in butter.

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