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Blood Red Throne is a death metal band from Norway, signed to Hammerheart Records. Guitarist Tchort (who's been in almost every black or death metal band from Scandinavia, including Emperor and Satyricon), together with a guy who calls himself Death (also from Satyricon), started Blood Red Throne around 1998, because they both wanted to play the extreme music they once did, but hadn't done for several years. They found a suitable drummer in Freddy B, who is a big Suffocation fan.

Influences range from Slayer, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary to the obvious bands as Emperor and Satyricon, which can be heard on the first demo the band recorded, DeathMix 2000. The demo has only four songs:

Recently, October 22, 2001 to be precise, the band released their first full-length album, Monument Of Death. This album is exactly what you can expect from a band whose name is Blood Red Throne, and whose album is called Monument Of Death: death, death and more death. The booklet is filled with pictures of the bandmembers, looking like they just commited suicide. There even is a special version available, with a so-called suicide kit. This version includes printed razorblades, and is handnumbered with real blood of the bandmembers. How's that for an obsession with death? Monument Of Death contains the following 9 songs: