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Exactly one year ago I wrote this:

Today is my birthday. I'm 23 now. Every time I think about it I feel old. It's the same feeling I had when I just turned 22, but after a while I told myself I was only 22, so I felt young again. I hope to get that feeling back soon.

Well, another year has passed, so today is my 24th birthday, and once again when I think about it, I feel old.

One year ago I had a beautiful girlfriend, with who I was madly in love. I was working on a boring job, with boring people. I had my own crappy car (an old Volkswagen), and a company car (a Peugeot). I was still living with my parents. I had quite a few people who I thought were my friends.

A lot has changed since my last birthday. Somewhere down the line I discovered that some of those friends couldn't be called friends at all. Especially when you're going through a hard time, you really find out who you can count on and who you are better off without. I moved to a new town, into my own apartment, about 50 miles from my old hometown. I sold my Volkswagen, since I had no use for it anyway. I still have the Peugeot though. I have a different job, in a different town, which isn't boring, and neither are my colleagues.

As for the girl, we broke up last spring. She probably has a new boyfriend now. We haven't spoken to each other in months. Last time I saw her was a few weeks back. She didn't see me though. I looked at her for a few minutes, before she went out of sight. Damn, she still is beautiful...