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Horror Show is the sixth studio album by U.S. heavy metal band Iced Earth, and was released On June 26, 2001 by Century Media Records.

The album is a concept album, but the songs do not tell one big story. Instead, all the songs are based on classic horror icons, hence the name Horror Show. From looking at the songtitles, it is pretty obvious that Frankenstein, Dracula and the Phantom Of The Opera are tributed, but also Jack The Ripper and The Mummy (think Boris Karloff, not Brendan Frasier) are not forgotten.
The cover art for the album shows Set Abominae (who was first featured on 1998's Something Wicked This Way Comes) towering over a spooky building which has a graveyard in front of it. It was drawn by Travis Smith and Danny Miki.
A limited edition of the album comes with an extra cd with a cover of Iron Maiden's Transylvania, and an interview with band leader Jon Schaffer.

The line-up on this album:

The songs: