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Anyone that has been to college or is currently at college understands what it can be like to spend a friday night in a dorm. Sure, i don't hang out here every friday night, but i don't go out every one either.

Well, lets start with the air. The air in hallways has a very different composition than air outside. Early in the evening, the air actually has more cologne and perfume in it than it has N2. Later in the evening, and into the wee hours of the morning, the air contains more alcohol and vomit smell than anything else.

Now, the noise. This factor is divided into early evening, middle evening, and later evening. Early evening is characterized by people running around and screaming things such as: "Oh my god, i don't have anything to wear!", "I still have to take a shower! I'm never going to be ready on time!", "Whats taking so long? Lets Go!", and "Party HO!". The middle evening is like a void. There is almost no noise and the dorm may be mistaken for a cemetery. Later in the evening, when the people are returning, the noise is quite different. This noise is characterized by the singing of random songs, moaning, and the wonderful sound of puking.

Next, their is the general attitude. In early evening, trying to talk to someone may result in you being cursed at. People don't have time to talk, as the parties only last from about 10 -4. Girls will claw at you to get you out of their way when getting ready. Guys, well, pretty much the same, but with less hostility. During the middle evening, the attitude skyrockets to a positive attitude. Everyone left in the dorm is extremely friendly as they have realized they have nothing to do on a friday night. (Thats because they don't use E2...). You can talk to almost anyone, whether or not you have ever seen them before. Then the attitude takes another shift; but this time it isn't as drastic. The people that return from the parties are in either of two states: groggy and open to suggestion, or happy and open to suggestion. I think you can figure the rest out from that.

This whole cycle repeats itself on saturday night as well. Sure, its fun to watch the cycle, but it is a whole lot more fun to be part of the cycle.