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"Care for a drink?" Asks the comically short man wearing a tuxedo
"Thanks.." I say looking at the brown goo.

I am on, as it seems, a cruise ship going down an orange river, the sky is orange too, come to think off it the background in general is orange. Apart from the pine trees that are popping out of no where in the large, and I think deep, river.

Im on the deck, right out the front, the whole boat is behind and below me.
I hear the children playing in the pool, in their child like manner. I hear the adults lieing in their deck chairs, sipping their drinks (god knows what) talking about bullet-head, all american topics.

It slowly starts to rain, like in all my dreams. Everyone goes inside, to eat fatty foods at the cheap buffet, or lose the little money they have left at the Vagas style casino. Or better yet, go to their shoe box cabins which smell of feet.

I stay. I stay and sit looking at the orange world around me. It is really pretty. Orange.
I wonder what those are in the sky. I stare, squint, and lean forward. Oh. Purple pigs flying.

I wake up.