"Cowbirds in Love is a daily comic about sad things, happy things, science, philosophy and occasionally obligate brood parisitism."

Cowbirds in Love is a rather odd webcomic that is somewhat akin, in my mind at least, to XKCD (except more dreamy) or Nedroid Picture Diary (except more serious). It is surreal and poetic and logical and sciency, often all at the same time. It usually isn't funny so much as amusing, but it is quite amusing, and so well worth reading. It is written by and perhaps about Sanjay Kulkarni, who is a medical student and a nice guy.

"Once there was a strong man. He loved strong correlations."

"And the stronger he got, the more he loved them."

"Scientists suspected that there might be some casual link, but it could not be determined."

"But it didn't matter."

"He was very happy."

Most of the comics are slightly odd thoughts with slightly odder conclusions, usually surprising but not riotous. Sanjay has a very quiet and restrained sense of humor, and is apparently a bit of a nerd, which is very appropriate in a webcomic. Subjects include, but are not limited to, math and the sciences, romance and relationships, literature & the arts, and random thoughts. Mostly random thoughts, to be honest. There is no cast of characters, the only regularly reoccurring character being Sanjay himself.

"Look, we are under the mistletoe"

"I guess that means have to kiss."

"Well, it doesn't mean we HAVE to."

"But it does mean that if we want to kiss each other, we should."

"So... It's kind of like not being under the mistletoe."

The quality of the art was very very poor in the early days, as it was drawn, poorly, in MS Paint. It has since improved, and now has slightly better artwork than Cyanide and Happiness, but only by a little bit. In other words, you wouldn't read it for the visual stimulation. However, the difference in artwork is significant enough that I recommend starting with the most recent comics just so that you aren't distracted by how awful the first ones were. The writing is more or less consistent throughout the comics, although there are stretches of comics based on specific subjects (such as Jane Austen novels) which may be somewhat boring if you are not interested in the subject matter. I recommend sampling 5-10 comics before making up your mind if you like it; after that it should be quite clear if you appreciate the humor.

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