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Why does my computer ignore me?

There is never a time when a user starts to type but does not want text entered. Yet all too often I start to type only to find that my computer has no idea what I am trying to do, and my words are lost to the void that is incompetency. Yes, it is my incompetency, as it is I who failed to select a text box or other appropriate receptacle, but of what use are computers that do not compensate for our foibles?

When the luser starts to type without an appropriate text area selected, a small notepad should capture the words, pop to the front of the screen, and pulse gently at the user until he or she clicks on an appropriate text area on the screen; it must be able to instantly transport the typed text to the URL bar, a text box, a post-it note, a clipboard, or any open word processor or textpad.

A computer that does not do this is clearly not designed with humans in mind.