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It's probably about time that I updated my home node, hmm?

If you're reading this, then you probably want to know something about me. Or maybe you were just wondering what "Terra Incognita" means in Latin. It means "unknown ground." Something new, unexplored. Everything can be unknown ground, if you look beyond the obvious. But I digress.

If it's not translation you're after, then perhaps you might want to check out a few of my write-ups. I think that these are a few of the better ones:

On Berkeley:
Sproul Plaza
Sather Gate
pursue nothing
boy in the library stairwell

On life in the Bay Area:
Zante's Indian Cuisine and Pizza
Starbucks (though of course they're everywhere)
Elvis Schmeidekamp

Other Stuff
a very-surprised looking whale
share and enjoy
Uris Hall
falling in love
Different reactions to the question, "What is Pi?" in southern California.