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This day log is not about bariatric surgery. I'm far enough out that my life is pretty much normal, save for the size and composition of my diet, and that's not that relevant.

I'm in Vermont, since I can finally travel outside the New York City area according to my surgeons. As a result, I'm doing all the chores and errands that have stacked up in the months I was stuck in NY. I visited some friends over the weekend, and managed to play with some of my guns with my friend Gun Nut and cassparadox. I undertook a gunrunning mission to move some guns to Vermont, now successful.

My car, whose air conditioning had been broken for two years, miraculously and nonchalantly provided frigid air when I half-heartedly poked the AC button. Er, win? The windshield has a massive crack in it, and my inspection expires at the end of this month, so I came prepared to investigate repairing that, but not being in one place for more than two days meant I'd probably have to wait until I got back to the NY area, where it's much less convenient, and maybe miss the end of August. But, no, the glass place here in town says they can get my windshield and be ready to swap it out at 8am tomorrow, which leaves me a ton of time to make it to Boston on schedule. I might even be able to get the car inspected, because the other problem (I put a stick through a tire) won't prevent inspection since I have a full-size spare on.

Sitting at the kitchen table this morning, I unboxed four brand new Mec-Gar magazines for my Browning Hi-Power and stuffed some Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ 9x19mm into them. They're new and stiff, so for 2 13 rounders and 2 15 rounders, I got 12/13, 13/13, 14/15, 15/15 rounds in. I'm OK with that.

Today I have to go see if I can get a title and registration for my (not present) Triumph so I can drive it back from Boston, where it's been after being repaired of last year's damages from my dad's housebreaker. Fucker. This means dealing with the DMV with no fallback visit, so I'm placing the odds at 40% I succeed. We'll see. Since the car is > 25 yrs old, they might be more laid back for the 'antique'.

Update: Defeated by the DMV. Vermont claims that unless I can produce 3+ yrs of proof of prior registration, they will charge me sales tax on my car. Well, I've owned this car since 1993, but the last 2 yrs it was registered in NY State, and prior to that, in MA. The thing is that NY state took my MA title and informed me that due to the age of the car my registration document served as a title. So I don't have the MA title anymore. I have the last (only) 2-yr NY state registration document. But I don't have any of the MA ones.

Five or six years ago, this car was officially worth around $2500, which would make the tax under $200. No problem. Now, though? Somehow NADA thinks my car is suddenly worth $10500, so the tax is around $800 all told. Uh. No.

Fuck. No idea what to do now. Also really annoying because the nearest DMV office is north of here, which means it's 173 miles from MA, or approximately 375 miles from home. The ones between here and the southern border are 'mobile' locations, i.e. only open one day a week or two.


Update update: On the way back from the unsuccessful RMV trip, something under my car near the front right wheel went "THMPwipwipwipwipwipwipwipwip" and flew off into the slip stream. Immediately, my 'outside temp' display said '-40 degrees.' Which means none of my miraculously-resurrected AC climate control would work. On investigation, the ambient sensor assembly lives...er, I guess lived, under the airdam, just in front of the passenger side tire. Sigh.

Update update update: Well, the answer is clearly to have interesting problems. I managed to find someone inside the Massachusetts RMV via phone who said "Huh, that's a new one on me! Lessee here...huh, your records are still here, although they should have been purged in 2011...so sure, I can print up a copy of this screen showing you were registered from 1996 to 2010. Okay, got that...oh, I'll stamp it with the official stamp and highlight that line. Are you still at this New York address? Yes? Great, I'll drop it in the mail." No charge. Karma?

Update update update update: Also, one advantage of my car being 17 years old is that a replacement temp assembly seems to be $20 on Amazon. So unless I have to replace the body panel it was mounted to, which is possible, that should do me. :-D

Update x 5: I just got word my new gun has arrived at the FFL, and I may be able to pick it up tomorrow. CZ Dan Wesson CCO 1911. Will dribble about it here once I've played with it.