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I have, at various times, come across nodes that decry the 'waste of space' on E2 to node fiction, or creative prose, or poetry. E2 is for knowledge, the cry is raised; E2 is for fact, and reference. What would aliens think of us if Everything was all they had? We need to increase the number of factual nodes on E2. When people ask 'can you really learn anything from E2' we need to be able to answer with a resounding yes!. And so on.

At the same time, there are occasional defiant postings of fictive materials, prose and poetry; essays, whimsies, dream logs, dreams, fantasies and nightmares. I won't argue the 'objective' reasons that we need such things; I'll leave that to my betters both real and not, such as Robin Williams' character Mr. Keating in Dead Poets Society, and those far above him in terms of art, wit and mind.

I would like, however, to lay down a few small points in favor of the continued use of E2 for fiction and creation, despite downvotes, despite apathy, despite rants to the contrary in the chatterbox or noded.

Some of us contribute to the world that way, rather than with fact. Some of us can do both. Some of us might feel that today, now, we will be of more use to the world and posterity noding fiction than noding reality. Space on E2 isn't our problem (yet); if it becomes so, I presume the Great nate will tell us, sending his Horsemen out to extract megabytes from our machines when we're not looking. Why not use it?

If you don't like fiction, don't read it. It may not be as useful, in the real-world sense, as knowing the precise specs of a 240-MB Western Digital Hard Drive; however, it may (at the same time) be more satisfying and satiating than knowing the top five most beautiful women of all time. Even if you're trying to decide whose picture to acquire for your desktop.

This isn't really a counternode to anything in particular. This is a positive call! Send me your fiction. Send us your work. I want to read it. If you wish, read some of mine; that's why it's here. While some works are written purely for the writer, and the mere act of committing them to paper brings the desired result (even if they are immediately burnt or locked up forever), others wilt and die without exposure. They need people to read them. They need people to criticize them, to praise them, to decry them, to analyze them, but most of all, to read them.

As an E2 user you are a member of the world's technocratic elite; just by being here you've demonstrated your curiosity and ability to learn. Here's your chance to put that to use.

That's why. There's no better reason.