Yesterday I tendered my resignation from my job.

I've been working here 7 years and a couple of months. Long run. The company I joined is long gone; the company I enjoyed a couple years after joining up is gone, too. Some have made staggering amounts of money in the process as the company moved forward. I wasn't one of them. :-) Now, we're a midsized company which needs to be an enterprise but which is obsessed with pretending we're still a startup.

Yeah, that's not a good thing.

Also, the job I joined up to do has mostly vanished. I held on to try to guide the team I ended up on, but it became clear that management and I had different priorities and directions - and in that case, it's always time to fold one's tent and gracefully steal away into the night. So I am.

I don't presently have another job. I have been talking to folks, and looking at stuff, but at present, I'm not employed. So we'll see.

I do have to take 2 weeks of paid time off in a week or so, to 'finish out' my time. So maybe I'll get some writing done!