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This node is not about my bariatric surgery.

Today I received (back from the restorer) my Grandmother's two Parker fountain pens. One is a 1939 Parker Vacumatic (bought new, by her, that year) and the other a 1950-somthing (I think) Parker 61 Aerometric, also bought new by her. Update: Hm, this has the lockdown filler, which was made 1932-1938, so it looks like it's older than I thought!

They write well, with wet solid lines, and seem to really like Pilot Iroshizuku inks, which makes me happy because so do I.

I'm wearing the Vacumatic right now and taking great satisfaction in it. Because Grandma would probably grind her teeth and say something fairly hateful at the fact that her nigger grandson ended up with it as opposed to real family.

It's the little things in life.