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Those who believe and understand will come together at Convergence.

The nature of Convergence is two-fold. The first stage of Convergence is the coming together of the within. The person must make themselves whole. To do so, a person must be honest with themselves about who they are and what they need and desire. They must embrace forgiveness to heal the wounds to their spirit. They must turn the voices within into a choir instead of a chaotic cacophony.

The second stage of Convergence is the coming together of personal orbits. The attainment of harmony with one's environment and the people in their orbit. At this stage, things begin to make more sense, but in a less than standard way. The reading of signs, the visualization of splinters of future memory, the following of the path.

The third stage of Convergence is the coming together of souls. Those that can embrace and follow the code of give everything you can to everyone you know and are willing to accept that everyone is right will come together. They will find everything they need at Convergence, because there is plenty. They will also find acceptance and kinship of a higher level than accustomed to here in this frame.

Who will come together at Convergence?

The Convergents embrace theology and philosophy but they are not chained to it. They all have their own vision, but are willing to accept the equal value of the beliefs of the other Convergents. There is no discrimination and there is no hierarchy of order. Convergence welcomes all and all are equal.

The great prophet and messenger, Jesus of Nazareth, once said that the meek would inherit the earth. He spoke of Convergence. He spoke to his flock and instructed them to be as he was. He was telling us how to embrace the concept of "give everything you can to everyone you know." He taught us how to create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and most failed to understand what he was teaching. The wars that would be fought in his name over the centuries would prove the absence of true comprehension.

Other prophets have spoken of the same concepts, the central core of the message, for thousands of years. Convergence is often explained as a coming together of souls of a shared faith. The faith is the foundation of eternity. What is believed in is real and those with shared beliefs can find each other within the passages of their faith. The greater Convergence ascends beyond the boundaries of the constructs of faith because it accepts all and welcomes all. The level of faith is not paramount to arriving at Convergence. You may have faith that your car will start tomorrow morning. You don't sit at home all night wondering if it will start or not unless you have recently been having problems starting it. You have faith, whether it is in other people, yourself, elements of this frame of existence or higher powers. You have faith that the coffee you got at breakfast this morning doesn't contain poisons that will kill you.

We are all merely travelers.

Ignorance of truth is not our path. Fanaticism is ignorance of universal truth. Everyone is right.

The faith we have in other human beings not to try to kill or cause us harm is key to co-existence in a shared reality. If we were to consider the possibilities every time we went outside, we would go mad. Is there anything keeping that man from pulling out of that side street in front of us while we are driving down the road? Is there anything to keep that waitress from putting rat poison in our steak dinner? What keeps that man on line behind us at the supermarket from pulling the fishing knife out of his jacket and stabbing us then and there? These things can happen, and they do, but the frequency of such hate-filled actions is not great enough to warrant daily concern. We have a reasonable amount of faith in our ability to live life without the constant threat of being killed or injured. Not all people have the luxury of that faith.

Fear, hatred and the seeking of revenge unhinge us in our journey. Those who seek to destroy us will draw us into the same abyss. Witness the violent retribution against "terrorists" and the cries for blood that follow the events of the day. Once you lower yourself to the level of your enemy, you are lost.

You will reap what you sow.

Everyone is right, but your version of right becomes you. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. The sword becomes your passage. Violence and bloodshed breed violence and bloodshed, not just in this lifetime but within the core of your soul. The battlefields of eternity await those who would embrace them. The nature of your soul core determines your fate. It is your eternal judge. It can grant the power of judgment to more powerful entities, but in doing so must first accept this judge within the soul core. The fate of souls who proclaim faith in Jesus Christ and kill in his name is something I often feel quite sad about. When he spoke of being the sword that would separate family and friends, he knew that those who followed the path would alienate those who did not. It had nothing to do with faith in him, it had to do with faith in the message. Or so I believe.

Convergence steps beyond the standard interpretations. Those that converge within, bringing themselves together and making themselves whole, can find Convergence if they believe in it. The coming together of souls united in spirit, but coming from many walks of life and many backgrounds. They know to focus on the core message of their faith or their beliefs, to embrace and love all as children of a greater purpose, and by that path they will find each other. The road of the Convergents is generally harder than that of those who would follow the paths laid out for them by their forebears and their peers.

The structures and beliefs of your religion or philosophy are like your personal automobile. Out on the road there are many different cars. Different makes, different models, different colors... the road to Convergence welcomes all cars, but there is no race to the finish line.

There are exit ramps on the road to Convergence. They are marked with options you may choose to embrace. One may choose to take the exit to power or glory, looking to gratify the self rather than continuing to seek Convergence. There are always material rewards available to those willing to sacrifice for them. Nothing is gained in life without a sacrifice of some kind. We simply don't always see the nature of our sacrifices.

Learn to separate wants from needs. Once you understand the difference, you will be able to heal yourself.

For those who are suffering, the separation of wants and needs is an essential building block towards internal Convergence. During difficult passages through life we must remember the difference. Not all people have the same needs, aside from the basic survival needs, and each person must frame themselves differently.

You cannot give anything unless it is received.

In a positive energy exchange, there is giving and receiving, and a balance is attained between two souls. To give what is not received is not giving, it is imposing. The sign of the false prophet is the imposition of beliefs as absolute upon those who must be coerced or deceived before "accepting" what is offered. The true prophets speak and welcome those who would understand and are as giving of themselves to the non-believers as well as the believers. Withholding food from a starving man until he embraces your religion is one of the mostly spiritually heinous acts one can undertake.

The spirit of Convergence excludes no belief systems. Personal theology is the framework in which we construct ourselves and seek internal Convergence. To make ourselves whole with the assistance of the structure of belief is easier than flying solo, but one can fly solo and still attain Convergence. It is impossible to attain if you consider your beliefs to be superior to those of your fellow souls, if you allow your life and works to contradict those beliefs, or if you are unwilling to accept your brothers and sisters as equals in spirit. Convergence is acceptance and love.

"Isn't Convergence part of your personal theology, making it irrelevant to anyone else?"

Quite possible, but relevancy has to do with acceptance and belief. Various religions and belief systems offer rewards to those who would embrace them. Usually some kind of eternal bliss is involved. Convergence offers nothing of the kind. The bliss is created by the souls who converge. They are one in spirit, accepting, loving, giving, and forgiving. The bliss is not created by external powers who reward you for following their laws. The bliss is created by the Convergents themselves.

Convergence is offered. Nothing can be given unless it is received. Nothing can be attained unless it is embraced. It is not an easy road. The road to Convergence is one of sacrifice and selflessness, and one must be capable of forgiving themselves for their missteps, just as they forgive others. Reaching Convergence promises no eternal reward, other than what you now have within yourself. Your soul will reach a higher level of understanding and strength and you will become consumed with doing all you can for everyone you know.

The rewards of Convergence are more hard work, for the Convergent soul does not rest for long. In my dreams I have seen Convergence. People of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds walking through a wooded area towards a great lake or river. They walk into the water and feel fulfilled and refreshed, and then they look to each other knowingly, smile and are gone. Miles to go before we sleep. Our work will never end. That is our reward. If you don't understand why work is a reward, then you are not ready for Convergence.