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"First, let me tell you gentlemen that everything contained in this report I am presenting to you today is outright lies and total bullshit."

"Well then, Bjorn, we have nothing further to discuss and our business is at an end."

"Holy shit are you serious?"

Let's rock.

Your fear is there in your eyes, plain to see, you pompous motherfucker. Outright lies and total bullshit.

Let's rock.

This guy named Cyril lives up the block from me. Who the fuck names their kid 'Cyril' anyways.

He's creepy as all hell and walks with a bit of a limp. It is more the kind of limp you get from being the sissy in a hard time prison than it is the kind that comes from having one leg slightly shorter and more bendy than the other. I could be wrong. I often am.

Don't name your kid Cyril. Lessons learned are not needed to be taught again. If you fail we teach them to you all over again. You start from the beginning again if you stumble. Back to the front of the line in the back of the line that is the front for what I am promoting in my new book out this summer.

Let's rock.

Stoned immaculate. Outright lies and total bullshit.

You're not going to be saved just yet. You have to fall just a little bit longer and a little bit further from the place where you began so it will mean all that much more to you that you have lost all that distance and memory. Start from the beginning again. If you stumble you go back to the front of the line in the back of the line that is the front for a whole new perspective.

Let's rock.