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/me misses sensei.

He's just this completely unfaseable guy who never ever gets angry or personal or side tracked. You can always count on him to be friendly and to the point. It makes for an astounding intellect.

His Japanese poetry nodes are a boon for the ages - these are his own translations, you know. I never would have known any of this stuff if it wasn't for him. Domo arigato, sensei.

It's so good to have him around - like a security net. Always there to tell you when you had a typo, well in advance of the downvoting vultures. Always there to bounce an idea off or to intervene in a catbox argument with a calm remark or a zany joke that would diffuse the situation and make everyone instantly realise how silly they're being. Always there to offer sound noding advice.

I won't speak of him in the past tense. I won't, I won't, I won't.