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The name Malta refers both to the nation, and to the largest island of the group. About 10% of the population live on Gozo; they are sometimes called Gozitans. Gozo is the Spanish word for joy (although in Malti, the island is called Ghawdex). Gozo has a more rural, older-fashioned, slower-paced feel than Malta. There are regular ferry and helicopter services between Malta and Gozo, all year round.

Comino is home to only a few families in the Winter, and impossible to reach unless you have a boat (or know someone that does!). In Summer, the Comino Hotel is open, and runs its own ferry service.

All the other islands are uninhabited; they include Cominotto (Kemmuna); St. Paul's Island (Selmunett), traditionally the site of St. Paul's shipwreck; and Filfla, once used by the British for target practice, but now a nature reserve, where landing is forbidden