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The third oldest roller coaster at Cedar Point, built in 1970. It's tiny: less than 2,000 feet long, with lift hills less than 50 feet high. Nevertheless, it's a lot of fun, mostly because the "trains" are tiny, too (so small, in fact, that they cannot be considered trains; each car has space for only 4 riders, and is not linked to any other. Additionally, true to the 1970s, each car is painted as, well, a car. If I remember correctly, there's even a fake steering wheel in the front.)

In roller coasters with long trains, speed is picked up (and gotten rid of) gradually, because when the first car begins to slide down the slope the last car is still on the other side of this hill, chugging upwards. On the Wildcat, speed is gathered quickly, and this more makes up for the relative smallness of the hills.

(Of course, some people can't tolerate the intolerably jarring stop at the end; the excess 15 mph of speed is discarded in about a quarter of a second.)

Verbatim from the Cedar Point website:

Track Length: 1,837 feet
Lift Heights: 50 feet
Over-all Dimensions: 215 feet long, 72 feet wide
Time: Approximately 1 minutes, 25 seconds
Coaches: Seven four-passenger cars
Ride Capacity: Approximately 900 riders per hour