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Before the infamous day of reckoning (May 18, 2002) I was known as AssKing. It brings a tear to my eye when I think about all he did for humanity. He had an interest in all of human's affairs, but it was apparent several days into his reign that a change was needed. That change was to "Tonic," a lesser name with a lesser meaning. One day he will resurface, but until that time leave a little space in your heart for him, because he would have done the same for you.

From a survivor of the day of reckoning:

jpfed says At the very moment you changed your name, I got this- 'root says You tried to talk to AssKing, but they don't exist on this system:"maybe try EmperorCunt? or perhaps Chancellor_Cock?"'

He also added earlier:

jpfed said: I thought "AssKing" sounded kind of dignified and regal, but without the arrogant overtones because it was prefixed by "Ass".

What a great guy...

And from another fan:

apollo's squirrel: are you claiming soverignship over the global population of the worlds behinds, soverignship over the ass animal, or soverignship over your own ass?