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Ciné-campus is the name of the organization which presents repertory and mainstream films to the francophone audience.

One must register, and then is free to see as many of the films at any of the presentations for free. Registration is $47 for adults, $37 for persons of 60 years and more, and $25 dollars for full time students. One must provide a recent photograph with their registration, or else one could hand one's card to one's friend when one is unable to go on a given evening. And we wouldn't want that. In any case, you are allowed to invite up to two people throughout the year, and they will punch out one of the circles for each guest.

There are several ciné-campuses of which I am aware; Montréal, Trois-Rivières, University of Manitoba, Université du Québec à Hull...

At the Ciné-Campus of Trois-Rivières, the 2001/2002 lineup is:

La Veuve de Saint-Pierre
Erin Brockovich
Merci Pour de Chocolat*
La Plume et le Sang* (Quills)
Danser Dans le Noir* (Dancer in the Dark)
Treize Jours (Thirteen Days)
La Couleur du Paradis (Ranghe Khoda)
Le Placard*
Tigre et Dragon* (Wo Hu Zang Long)(Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*)
La Noce* (Svadba)
Romain et Juliette*
La Moitié Gauche du Frigo*
Nationale 7*
Himalaya: L'enfance d'un Chef*
La Femme qui Boit*
Une Affaire de Goût*
Gladiateur (Gladiator*)
Les Muses Orphelines*
Trafic (Traffic*)
Le Roi Danse*
15 Février 1839*
Là-bas... mon pays*
Les Confessions du Docteur Sachs*
Les Silences du Désir (Hua Yang Nianhua)
Trahison* (The Yards)
Les Destinées Sentimentales*
Le Tailleur de Panama* (The Tailor of Panama)
Crime au Paradis*

The films are presented in an great big seminary, the Séminaire Saint-Joseph, four times each; on a Wednesday, a Friday, a Saturday, and a Sunday.

Films marked with an asterisk are those which I have seen.