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Since my thoughts are not even approximately random, I have instead enlisted my HP48 and American Heritage College Dictionary for the task.

Here's how it works:

This should give me an approximately random selection of words/phrases between "a" and "Passion Week" that appear near the top of the dictionary page.

Of course, this isn't truly random either - but the calculator's algorithm for randomness is good enough for me.

Earpiece concision,
gelid morocco,
Fibonacci number, distaste
langue d'oc...
Magnific agraphia
Hosanna! Either-or abolitionism
Matchlock, garb, codominant fed
Hobson's choice!
abohm -- cellular respiration
delegation accepter
durable press academic
naltrexone great blue heron

Beautiful! That almost made sense! "Magnific agraphia" indeed! Might not be the complete works of Shakespeare, but it certainly puts some of L. Ron Hubbard's writing to shame!