Canadian e-commerce website, in existence as of Monday, June 4th, 2001, which represents the merger of the online portions of Chapters and Indigo. Prior to this, two separate sites existed; and

The following blurb is taken from the site, dealing with the merger of the two:

They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

              -Andy Warhol

So that's what we're doing. As you know, the wheels are in motion to merge the Chapters and Indigo bookstore chains, and we have now combined the operations of both sites into We're bringing together the best of and to create the most efficient, engaging and entertaining online retail site for books, movies, music, gifts, garden, and more. We are also looking at this transitional period as an opportunity to introduce improvements aimed at serving you even better.

The merger of the online portions of Chapters and Indigo has been taken by many as confirmation that Canada's Competition Bureau will give the go-ahead to the merger proper. As of yet, however, the Competition Bureau is still reviewing the merger plans, so the creation of this site may be seen as jumping the gun a bit.

See also Chapters vs. Indigo for background.

NOTE: For those of the "don't use a URL as a node title; use the site name instead" bent, if you actually visit the site you'll see that is prominently displayed AS the site name, as well as its URL.