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mission drive within everything
Enlightened society.
Finding things.
Universidad de los Arboles
Who dares, grins.
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fundamentalism (idea)
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Born :New York, 20th century.
First word: "see!"
Stung by a bee aged 2.(In the ear)
Stung by another bee aged 10.(also in the ear)
Started to listen, aged 23.
Previous incarnations- can't remember. Probably Victorian orsine agricultural worker, in the colonies.
hobbies: smoking.
Mottos:aim high, even if you hit a cabbage.
Yalla watrum wentuk'alil. (Arabic)-you have one tooth and are a hard man to deal with.
Varfur shiktik nardugar oever klumparner. (Swedish)-take care crossing the lumps.
Bratva Nashik byut. (Russian)-Brothers, they are beating us.
Occupation:attempting to get out of samahdi.