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Consider the following. In our solar system we have a planet, Jupiter, that takes as long to cross as wide an arc as Earth does in a month as Earth takes to complete an orbit of the Sun. Another planet in our solar system, Saturn, orbits the Sun in as many lunar months as the number of times Earth rotates on its axis before completing its own orbit of the Sun. There is no reason why any of this should be so. These could just be coincidences but is it impossible that these are cheeky little hints inserted deliberately into their Creator's work?

Viewed from Earth the Sun and the Moon are very nearly exactly the same apparent size which means that we can see solar eclipses. There is no reason why this also should be so, these are just a lot of very lucky accidents.

The Moon is gradually drifting away from Earth. It was not always the perfect size in the sky to cause solar eclipses the way we know them, it only moved into position around the time that there would be an astronomical civilization on Earth. Millions of years ago the Sun and Moon really were exactly the same apparent size in the sky so if the dinosaurs ever saw eclipses they would not have seen the halo of light around the Sun which is only visible with special equipment or during the kind of very nearly total eclipse of the Sun that we are familiar with. When the Moon is far enough away it will no longer be able to properly eclipse the Sun. It could only transit like Venus does except appearing as a much bigger dot.

Another reason to consider ourselves very lucky to be astronomers at this precise moment in history is that if we had never looked at certain nebulae with telescopes as early as we did, before it was too late, then we would never have known that our Galaxy is not the only one. We would never even have seen the nebulae in the first place to wonder what they are. Before the discoveries of Edwin Hubble the greatest minds on Earth honestly thought that there were only the stars we can see, just one Galaxy. The expansion of the universe is accelerating more quickly than gravity has strength to continue to keep galaxies close together and eventually the expansion of the space between our Galaxy and the closest galaxies to us will surpass the speed of light, which is the reason why we can only see about 14 billion light years away. Further out than that space is expanding faster than light moves so approaching light can never reach the edge of the visible universe from the other side. If astronomers came into the world too late then we could never have made certain discoveries of fundamental importance.

And why are there even astronomers? There are astronomers because there is a society of organisms that developed out of a need for greater security of being a special kind of social brain as an emergent property of another emergent property of matter, the biological organism, that developed as a means of ensuring the maximum longevity of the information encoded in molecular nucleic genes using another kind of molecule, the protein, that was a totally independent result of the same basic laws of physics that led to the existence of the molecules from which genes are formed and their ability to work synergistically with genes for which there is no obvious reason, which molecules are built from atoms and powered by energy each of which are independent products of nuclear processes that take place in the heart of stars (except those atoms created during supernovae) and their synergistic action for which there is no obvious reason, created in stars that were only able to condense into form given the satisfaction of a set of very strict conditions all of which happened to occur practically simultaneously and spontaneously anyway as the necessary result of the simplest foundation of being i.e. a fluctuation in the basic ground, some inevitable assymetry, and whoomph! astronomers! Matter and energy organized such that it can appreciate its place in the universe and placed near too many mysterious coincidences to be explained to the satisfaction of any reasonable person as accidents. Therefore Jesus is definitely real and you had better not be gay.