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Truly strange webcomic by Tailsteak, with a new strip almost daily.

It features a strange cast of characters such as Junior (an eye with teeth and an attitude), Ghanny (a ghost molecule), Marcus (a living molecule with the fourth wall enabled), MockTailsteak (a Golem created by Marcus), Zadok (another Golem made of straw), Terra (a lesbian earthworm and only female character so far).

What makes this cartoon so funny, is that most characters have their fourth wall disabled, i.e. know that they are comic strip characters, have discussions with their creator, and recently started to debate about the nature of their universe in general. That, and an admitted/proclaimed lack of talent and ingenuity of the creator (for example he creates a character out of another characters rib (the old Eve routine) that ends up looking like a talking rib with eyes and is thus named Ribby the Rib) makes up a great deal of the humor of this strip, which I recommend for you to read. Be forewarned though, this thing is huge, it has lasted for more than 2 years from the the beginning to the end on an almost daily schedule.

The strip has recently ended, but it can still be found online under this address:


Presumably, the characters live forth in their new bodies and different new lives.