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Math for the Masses. Properly noding good music. Noding what I am very interested in and at least somewhat familiar with.
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Valrus: Graduate of Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota; math and computer science major. Optimist. Closet hopeless romantic. Geek. Poetaster. Now a grad student at the University of Minnesota, seeking a math master's and education licensure.

Now that it's out of the New Writeups nodelet, I feel safe in expressing my sincere belief that my recent writeup on the Fiery Furnaces has been cruelly neglected (unlike my node about one of their albums). Any steps you care to take to correct this would be appreciated.

It's not nodevertising if it's on your homenode, right?

Do you use Vim? Do you write nodes? Ladies and gentlemen please say hello to the E2 Vim Plugin. Node from your favorite text editor. From everyone's favorite text editor! Vim users know that Vim is, in their heart of hearts, everyone's favorite text editor. Some people just don't know it yet. See my writeup about it for more information.



this is what a valrus looks like / this is not what the Valrus looks like

                      ..?7`     ` .,          ?7J.                        
                   .?!         .?` J.   P  d      .7..                    
                .?!           J`    .5,         ,,   .T,                  
              ." .           J        \d88b=!??! .r     ?.                
           `.= ` `           k         Y88P       J.      ?,              
          .=      `          J.    ` ..            F        4.            
         ,' .  `              ,+?j!    .7?,       .\         ?.           
        J  ``                 .!.$         ?u.   .F           .,          
       J  `                   $ F           .7..`'             .x         
      J       `          `   J J            2.^                 J.        
     .`. .     .            .t.`           .`J                   h        
     F                      c.F           .$.!                   .,       
    . .   `                . J           .F.t                     b       
    F `  `.               .^.`           r ,                      J       
    r `               `   F.'           J .$                      J.      
    %   `  `             ,.$           .F J                       .,      
    r   ` `         `   ..P            J .                        J       
    F .        .       .^2            J .`                        J       
    b ..   .          .tJ            J .!                         F       
    J.                2.$           .`.^                         .`       
     b `.            J J `         .3.!                         .r        
     .,  ` .        .^.!           P.$                          J         
      ,,.           P.$           . 2                          ,`         
       `,` `         `           .^J                          ,`          
        ., .                     F.'                        .v            
         .1     `               .\^                        .\             
           ?,                                            .v!              
             T.                                        .J!                
               7,                                    .Y                   
                 `1.                              .,!                     
                     7i.                      .,7!                        
                         `??......  ......??'                             

if you ever see this in angband, you are fucked

/msg me about my writeups, if you like them or hate them. Everyone wants to be noticed. I'm no exception.

I know how discouraging downvotes can be. Nevertheless, I will unmercifully DOWNVOTE the following:

  • Angst, unless it is motivated by some serious fucking hard knocks. Life is just too short.
  • Whining about relationships, one of my biggest pet peeves. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, go learn a new language or how to play the guitar or something, and go meet people.
  • Anything that looks like it took little to no effort. When I'm over here writing fucking research papers for E2 (refer to my more recent writeups for support of this claim, since I wrote some newbie crap in my salad days), toss-off bullshit irritates me just a little.

I've occasionally, in an effort to practice my creative writing skills without cluttering up the nodegel, written short pieces of fiction and posting them as daylogs. They will be listed and maybe briefly described here as I write them, for convenient perusal since I have non-fiction daylogs as well.

  • April 17, 2003. Inspection. Written using the word "inspection," chosen randomly from my dictionary, as a starting point. An unexpected inspection.
  • May 11, 2003. Interior Decoration. As with "Inspection," but with the phrase "interior decoration," obviously. A brief exposition of possible uses of dinner parties.
  • May 21, 2003. Don't Regret A Single Day. Inspired in part by a song lyric. Not quite as cheerful as my other two stories.


I love math
I like my cat
Pile of kittens
My mom kicks ass
math makes me smile
Everything is poetry
Why I became a writer
Romance on life support
The world breaks everyone
The flame to end all flames
Stop acting like an asshole
My senses are starving for you
I can't ramble anywhere but in my mind
Getting to know you noders fucking sucked
Blah blah blah Supermodels blah blah blah
All in all, I'm just another brick in the wall
They hit each other, like fucking Christ intended!
The male libido - or - How I was castrated by the 90's
Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.
Even though I sleep terribly with another body in the bed
Men suck, right? Men are just plain clueless, isn't that so?
You noders still fucking suck, but your needing my wisdoms bad
Anybody who gets married before the age of 25 scares me a little
The lonely ones will find each other by the heat of their bodies
I am serving up and weildering triple secret fat ass flaming wisdoms, shit aint availing you, lamers of Edom!
There is good rap music
finite field

Noders I quite like

  • iceowl: Writer of some of the most consistently gorgeous fiction on E2. Even if I were more than a middling decent fiction writer myself (by my own cautious assessment), iceowl's stuff would amaze me.
  • Swap: On Swap's homenode, e proclaims: "I solemnly covenant that no more than 50% of my writeups will be mathematical." I say this is simultaneously a blessing (see Age, Sex, Location) and a shame (see finite field), as Swap is thoughtful, insightful and wonderfully articulate whether or not e's talking about math.
  • unperson: I arrived at this conclusion the same night I read my first node of unperson's, a little number called Teaching the controversy. From there I moved on to unperson's Christian view of the Big Bang, eir homenode explanation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and then to Flavored oil and botulism, and I was hooked. Top-notch, well-researched, mercifully readable factuals.