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First dream part

I was in a some sort of old school building. I don't know what kind of school. Reminded me of my old high school, actually. It was late evening, and the streetlamps lit up the area. Dim lamps inside the house. Very atmospheric.

I only remember that it had HUGE air conditioning pipes and I was crawling in there... and I saw some Pokémons there. They started jumping up and down, and the whole building shook.

Some mad professor then appeared, stating he had discovered, when listening to the trample of the Pokecritters, the ultimate musical beat that people will just love.

Second dream part

I was in some sort of criminal organization at the first, though we were sort of "Robin Hoods" - and we had a war against a "bad" criminal organization.

I was alone doing a mission to capture the leader of the bad guys. I noticed he went into a small house or structure of some sort... I sneaked around the building, to see if there was a way in - and the building went up to the air! I noticed a hot air balloon had emerged from the top of the shed, and now it was flying up.

I took a good grip of the long rope that was on the ground... and was pulled up with the hot air balloon. The winds shook me around furiously. I was flying high in the air.

Then a "voice over" asked me to release. Well, I did - and fell into a lake, and wondered why I wasn't hurt. The same ethereal voice then asked me to get dressed, there were people a short distance from the shore... (the voice kind of reminds me of Ultima 7...)

Well, I got up - wearing a T-shirt and shorts, it was a warm summer day - and tried to figure out a way to get out of the island. I came to where the people were, and noticed there was a raft line from the island to continent, price 5 FIM. I didn't had any money, and I was annoyed that I had no chance of getting to the shore.

I tried to swim where the raft went... it was surprisingly easy, I was actually on the other side faster than the raft! Yet, I had swam to a wrong place, and the rocks were too hard to climb and the currets took me to wrong places. The water was getting cold, so I decided to swim back. I noticed there was a cave somewhere between the rocks in a small ford, though...

When I got back, I noticed some woman was there - she apparently knew me and asked for my father's phone number. I didn't remember it, so I took my cell phone. [How I got my belt bag (that had money) and cellphone isn't entirely logical. =) ] I noticed that the phone had got slightly wet when I was swimming, and the memory was getting faulty again... it was very very hard to get the number from the phone, all names had messed up case but they were recognizeable. Later in the dream, I noticed the phone had dried up and it worked again...