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A nifty CD ripping tool for *NIX, uses GTK+.

It's great for automating the CD-to-MP3 ripping process. Basic usage can be surprisingly simple: Just stick a CD into the drive, it reads CD information from CDDB (or FreeDB by default), then select all tracks you want to turn into MP3s and click "Rip+Encode".

I previously didn't use this, but now I do - because they now have Ogg Vorbis support in, so it's not limited to producing MP3s... Also, it does ripping and encoding at the same time, something that is pretty hard to do in Rexx (Yes, the script I used previously for this stuff was a Rexx script =)

Well, one thing about it bugs me: With this CD-R drive I have now, it's not safe at all to switch CDs when the program is running - otherwise it keeps hanging the machine for minutes AFTER the program has been kill -9'd... Quit, change CD, start program - and don't even think of inserting CD when the program is running!

I have also been told it supports ID3v2 now (but personally I don't need that... =)