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By Zeigen (http://www.batch.com/ode-to-lynx.html)

A fine piece of poetry dedicated to the great web browser:

O, Lynx
Thou art plain, as the unadorned page
Netscape stinks
Yet you are simple, and quick
You channel my rage

At mysterious crashes and recursive frames
and invisible tables
And background pix of twelve hundred k
and colors that cause nosebleeds
as they blink
              into my skull:
You, Lynx,
You omit them all

You lie at my beck and call
So well-behaved
Easy to suspend
And easy to recall
You run in my scripts (and dreams)
You serve my needs fast
When other browsers would crawl
Lynx, Lynx, Lynx
You are the best of them all

A jungle cat so supple and smooth
With text alone you have something to prove