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mission drive within everything
Make the world a better place with nodes
using duct tape, farting
Say hello to Mr. Pinkles; Be silly and eat cake
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I'm 16.
I live in Austin.
I go to school.
My best friend is duct tape.
My quake screen name is Mr. Pinkles.
My aol screen name is WaldoM415.
I like duct tape.
A lot.
I'm smarter than you, unless you're Kari Lee.
I look like Waldo.

Sad, eh?

Oh, and you better upgrade my status, or i'll..do...something...bad...to you....sometime.


My dick is so big, it was overthrown by a military cou. It is now known as the Democratic Republic of My Dick.

Koo koo kajou.

So there