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In my mind Napoleon is the greatest military leader of modern times. So I have composed a short biography of his life.

15 August, Napoleon born at Ajacco, Corsica, the second son of Carlo and Letizia Bounaparte.

April, Napoleon enters the Military Academy at Brienne.

October, Napoleon transfers to the Ecole Militaire in Paris.

September, Napoleon graduates from the Ecole Militaire. He is commissioned second lieutenant of artillery and is garrisoned at Valence.

Napoleon returns to Corsica to help consolidate French rule.

Napoleon rejoins his regiment in France
10 August, Napoleon witnesses the second storming of the Tuileries in Paris.

September, Napoleon commands the artillery at the siege of Toulon, his first military victory. He is promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General.

October, Napoleon supports Barras in the suppression of the royalist uprising in Paris.

March, Napoleon marries Josephine de Beauharais. He is given command of the French Army in Italy.

May, French victories at Matenotte, Dego, Millesimo, Mondovi and Lodi. Napoleon takes Milan.

August, French victory at Castiglione.

October, French Victory at Arcola.

February, Napoleon takes control of Mantua.

April, Napoleon negotiates armistice with Austria.

May, Napoleon returns to Paris a National hero.

May, Napoleon sets sail for Egypt.

June, French occupy Malta

July, Battle of the Nile, French gain control of the Nile Delta.

August, Napoleon's fleet destroyed by Nelson at Aboukir Bay.

February, French defeated at the Battle of Acre. Napoleon retreats to Egypt.

July, French victory over the Turks at Aboukir.

August, Napoleon leaves for France.

November, coup d'etat of Brumiere. The directory of France is abolished and replaced by a senate. Napoleon is elected First Consul and de facto ruler of France.

Napoleon reforms local and National government, education and legislature.

July Concordat with the Pope.

August, Napoleon confirmed by plebiscite as consul for life.

May, outbreak of war between France and Britain.

December, the Grande Armee assembled at Boulogne in readiness to invade Britain.

May, the senate proclaims Napoleon 'Emperor of the French'.

December, Napoleon's coronation at Notre Dame.
Spain forms an alliance with France and declares war on Britain.

August, Napoleon invades Germany.

October, French victory at Ulm, defeat at Trafalgar.

November, French victory at Austerlitz. Napoleon crowned king of Italy. Joseph Bonaparte made king of Naples. Louis Bonaparte becomes king of Holland.

July, creation of the Confederation of the Rhine.

September, Prussia declares war on France.

October, French victories over Prussians at Jena and Auerstadt.

November, introduction of the Continental System.

June, French victory over the Russians at the battle of Friedland.

July, creation of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw.

November, Lisbon occupied by French forces.

May, Charles IV cedes his rights in Spain to Napoleon.

July, Joseph Bonaparte assumes the throne of Spain to consolidate his brother's sovereignty.

Britain allies itself with Austria in the war against France

December, Napoleon divorces Josephine.

April, Napoleon marries Marie-Louise.

July, Holland annexed to France.

November, northern Germany annexed to France.

December, Russian renounces the Continental System.

March, Marie-Louise bears Napoleon a son, titled the King of Rome.

June, French cross the Neimen and start the Russian Campaign.
French Defeat in Spain.

September, Battle of Borodine. Napoleon enters Moscow.

10 November, survivors of the Grande Armee re-cross the Neimen.

18 December, Napoleon reaches Paris.

February, the Prussians enter an alliance with Russia against France.

May, French victories at Lutzen and Bautzen.

October, Napoleon defeated at Leizig in the 'Battle of the Nations'.

December, allied invasion of France.

March, Paris falls to the allies.

April, Napoleon abdicates.

May, Napoleon exiled to the island of Elba.

March, Napoleon returns to France. The beginning of 'The Hundred Days'.

April, Napoleon establishes a new government in Paris.

June, victory at Ligny and defeat at Waterloo.

Napoleon's second abdication.

October, Napoleon arrives in St Helena

5 May, Napoleon dies.