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Blad"der (?), n. [OE. bladder, bleddre, AS. bldre, blddre; akin to Icel. blara, SW. bladdra, Dan. blaere, D. blaar, OHG. blatara the bladder in the body of animals, G. blatter blister, bustule; all fr. the same root as AS. blawan, E. blow, to puff. See Blow to puff.]

1. Anat.

A bag or sac in animals, which serves as the receptacle of some fluid; as, the urinary bladder; the gall bladder; -- applied especially to the urinary bladder, either within the animal, or when taken out and inflated with air.


Any vesicle or blister, especially if filled with air, or a thin, watery fluid.

3. Bot.

A distended, membranaceous pericarp.


Anything inflated, empty, or unsound.

"To swim with bladders of philosophy."


Bladder nut, or Bladder tree Bot., a genus of plants (Staphylea) with bladderlike seed pods. -- Bladder pod Bot., a genus of low herbs (Vesicaria) with inflated seed pods. -- Bladdor senna Bot., a genus of shrubs (Colutea), with membranaceous, inflated pods. -- Bladder worm Zool., the larva of any species of tapeworm (Taenia), found in the flesh or other parts of animals. See Measle, Cysticercus. -- Bladder wrack Bot., the common black rock weed of the seacoast (Fucus nodosus and F. vesiculosus) -- called also bladder tangle. See Wrack.


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Blad"der, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bladdered (#); p. pr. & vb. n. Bladdering.]


To swell out like a bladder with air; to inflate.


G. Fletcher.


To put up in bladders; as, bladdered lard.


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