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Pyr"rhic (?), a. [L. pyrrhichius, Gr. belonging to the (sc. ) a kind of war dance.]


Of or pertaining to an ancient Greek martial dance.

" ye have the pyrrhic dance as yet."


2. Pros.

Of or pertaining to a pyrrhic, or to pyrrhics; containing pyrrhic; as, a pyrrhic verse.

<-- Pyrrhic victory [From Pyrrhus, king of Epirus], a victory in which the winning side sustains very heavy losses. (b) any act supposedly benefitting the actor, for which the costs outweight the benefits. -->


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Pyr"rhic, n.

1. [Gr. : cf. F. pyrrhique, fem.]

An ancient Greek martial dance, to the accompaniment of the flute, its time being very quick.

2. [L. pyrrhichius (sc. pes), Gr. (sc. ): cf. F. pyrrhique, masc.] Pros.

A foot consisting of two short syllables.


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